Houses and Teams

Sporting Houses

Sporting house teams were established at West Park in 2022 as an initiative of the Student Council to help develop connections between students across the year levels and bring colour and excitement to our sporting events.

The approach of sporting houses encourages a tuākana-tēina (big brother to little brother, big sister to little sister) creates a whānau centric setting for our students
to build trusted relationships and foster their caring and supportive personalities.

Students will stay in the same house for their entire time at West Park School. Siblings are put in the same house and as the students’ younger brothers and sisters join the school, they will be put into the same house as well.

Students are encouraged to wear something in their house team colours at internal West Park sporting events, whether that be a piece of clothing, a hair ribbon, a wrist band or even a ribbon pinned to their chest.

The West Park Houses are as follows:2


For external sporting events where students are representing West Park, students will be asked to wear purple shirts where possible. A limited number of West Park sport shirts are available to loan, these need to be washed and returned to the school after the event.

Year group teams

West Park also operates a team cohort structure for school years, each headed by a Team Leader who is responsible for the day to day running of their team. Classes are split into four teams as follows:

  • New entrant/Year 1 – Team Tōtara
  • Year 2 – Team Miro
  • Years 3 & 4 – Team Rimu
  • Years 5 & 6 – Team Kahikatea


Through the year, school trips will often be organised by teams.

To ensure you get real time notifications for your child, you can select the team in the notification’s settings in the School App.