Home And School Committee

Home and School Committee

The home and school committee are a group of people from our community, who are supported by the Board of Trustees to achieve the two following essential tasks:

  1. To promote school spirit, and unity and foster an actively involved community by running a range of engaging events and activities.
  2. To support the school by raising funds for projects nominated by the Board of trustees.


Our members are a group of people who want to see West Park School be all it can be. There is no “application process” to endure, and we invite and welcome everyone to join in the fun. The committee meets in the school staffroom at the beginning of each term and whenever is necessary for the planning of community activities. At the meetings, we brainstorm new ideas and plan events.

There is also an update from the staff and school Board to keep us informed of the goings-on. At the meetings those of us that can volunteer to take on any tasks that need doing. And of course, we always make time to catch up on each other’s comings and goings! Getting involved is a great way of getting to know how the school works. Committee membership provides a great opportunity to make an invaluable positive difference to your child’s school. You will also meet some great people and hopefully make some new friends!

Want to know more?  We would love to hear from you!  Drop us a line at: homeandschool@westpark.school.nz