School donations and additional costs

School Donations

Each year, the Board of Trustees will meet to set the level of school donations sought from parents and caregivers of children enrolled at West Park. 

The Ministry of Education funding covers the basic costs of operating the school and providing materials and resources for your child to use.  At West Park, we believe that additional resources are needed to provide an enriching educational environment. The cost of additional resources and support has traditionally been raised through fundraising, grants, and voluntary donations.

For 2022, the School Donation amount was set at $220.00.

Please note:

  • School donations are voluntary, meaning that there is no obligation on parents or caregivers to make a donation.  No children will be disadvantaged based on whether their voluntary donation has been received or not.
  • The amounts requested as donations have been set at a level that the Board believes will allow the school to reach the funding target to support the annual operations planned for the year.
  • Parents or caregivers can also make a donation of a different value, and that would be warmly received and appreciated by West Park.
  • We acknowledge and support the fact that some parents and caregivers prefer to make donations in the form of volunteering time, expertise, or supporting events.
  • School donations are tax-deductible, and a receipt will be issued immediately by the online shop.

School donations can be made through the School Shop, Kindo.

Additional costs

For specific events and activities, the school may also seek your permission for your child to attend, seek parent help assistance for that event, and pay for costs. These will all be able to be made through the School Shop Kindo’. Click here for Kindo.